13 thoughts on “high school rocks

  1. They are all great, but the budweiser photo caught my eye… the scratched over reflection of her face in the mirror. Could definitely play around with that a bit with a closer, cropped version, blank n white maybe and send an entirely different message (about substance abuse?) Weird, right? I guess that’s the beauty of art… we can read into it a zillion different ways. 🙂

  2. I taught high school 33 years. I don’t think I’d get much teaching done with babes like this present. I think styles are hip, cool and chic. But for after school day.

  3. Cool threads, I wish I was so rebellious in high school. Then again, we wore uniforms, so I would have really stood out lol. I want that Budweiser pullover! 🙂

  4. I so so want to shoot a photoshoot like this…every time i see inspiring works, I just want to kidnap some very nice models, (promise to bring them back) and shoot some natural creative photos. Kudos on the post. 🙂

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